The Team

A family run business, started in 1928 by the great Ram Singh, it is now comprised of his grandson who together with his Wife and Sons have made Ram Singh Photographers what it is today. Read more about  Ram singh's  History by clicking on est1928 .

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Jaspal Sembi- Designer & Cinematographer


Graduated in 2000 as a graphic designer, Jaspal then went into the family business and combining his designing and photography &  Cinematic skills to be the main architect on all design elements at Ram Singh Photographers.

Gurpreet Sembi - Photographer


Since the age of 16, Gurpreet  has been shadowing his father Nim in the art of  cinematography and photography, learning all the tricks and skills passed down through the generations. With his sharp eye Gurpreet  never misses a shot.

Manraj Sembi Second Shooter


Manraj is 3rd  youngest brother his learned his skills from his older brothers over the years working with them and developing his own skills operating many different kinds of equipment on both video & photos